Wendy Elvira-García

MA general coordinator; MA Linguistics - UB coordinator
Professor type
Assistant Professor (lector Serra Húnter)
Master branch
PhD branch
Linguistics and Cognition
Filologia Catalana i Lingüística General, secció lingüística (UB)
Universitat de Barcelona
Research facilities

Wendy Elvira-García is an assistant professor (Serra Húnter tenure-track program) working at the University of Barcelona (Spain), member of the Phonetics Laboratory, academic coordinator of the Cognitive Science and Language master program and editor-in-chief of Estudios de Fonética Experimental.

Her research interests are both theoretical and applied phonetics

Her theoretical research deals with the syntax/pragmatics-prosody interface from the perspective of construction grammar and particularly the prosody of insubordination. In applied phonetics, she works mainly programming tools that can be used in clinical and forensic acoustic analysis. She is particularly proud of an automatic transcriber of Spanish and Catalan intonation and a software for calculating prosodic distances among different linguistic varieties (dialectometry).

She advises MA final projects and PhD thesis on Phonetics.


Wendy Elvira Garcia