Before registration

In order to register you must have passed the pre-registration process for acceptance in the MA program.

Prepare your documentation for registration as soon as posible. If you are registering with a foreign title (specially, not EU) it is possible that you will need legalized copies by the Spanish Embassy, also the application must be signed by the Rector of the University of Barcelona, and August is closed for admin procedures. Check all the documentation for registration at the Faculty page. We have prepared a page with information and some examples of the documentation that you may need at "Documentation for enrollment" but the official page is the Faculty's.

If you are accepted and wish to enrol in the MA program you will be assigned a tutor. It is very important that you contact your tutor before registering since they will advise you as regards the courses you should be taking. Your tutor will continue to advise you throughout the program and s/he is your first contact if you have any academic questions or problems. More info on tutoring here.

For administrative formalities of the registration process and fees, you can contact the Secretary of Philosophy at

Usually official fees are published by the government in July, reference fees can be found in our homepage.


Send your official documentation [needs to be in Barcelona before 28 July]: in-person or by certified mail to the Secretaria. More information here. You only need to do this if your title has not been issued by a Spanish university.

Registration period 2023-2024: from 1st September to 29th September 2023 (only for accepted students).

Registration period 2024-2025: To be confirmed.

Ampliación (Adding extra second semester courses) 2023-2024: from 2nd February to 24th February 2024. (Beware, you can also remove courses but you will not get a refund)

Registration process for new students

Once the pre-registration has been done and the student has been accepted, there are two different stages in the procedure that students must complete to enroll in the university master’s degree in CCiL.

If your documents haven't been issued by the Spanish government you need to prepare your documentation as soon as possible and submit it before the 28th of July 2024. Since the application must be signed by the Rector, and August is closed for admin procedures, it is advised to submit the documents as early as possible (More information).
You must go to the Secretaria d’Estudiants on the first floor of the Facultat de Filosofia UB to submit the documents stated below or send copies of them by certified mail (i.e.: by apostille, such as the Hague apostille) to the following address.

If your documents have been issued by the Spanish Government, you can handle them in September at the time of registration. 

In any case you will need to bring original documents or send them to:

Secretaria d'Estudiants i Docència

Facultat de Filosofia (Universitat de Barcelona)
C/ Montalegre, 6
08001 Barcelona 

Note that certified copies are needed only if you cannot come to the Faculty's office in person to submit the original documents. If this is the case, and you send your documents instead of submitting them in person, the administrative staff of the UB should enable you to pay the equivalent fees by Internet. In order to do that you must write to

Check the documentation that you need to present depending on your country of origin and the country where your title was issued:

In this second stage, having decided with your tutor which courses you are going to take, you will be able to access the on-line registration form (opens in September), with either with your passport number or with your birth date or with an ID number provided by the administrative staff of the UB. The on-line registration form is available.

Students required to take background courses must complete two enrolment procedures: one for the background courses and another one for the master's degree subjects.

Enrolment is divided into two stages.

1st STAGE: The student makes an enrolment proposal, selects the subjects they wish to enrol and presses the button "Send to tutor".

2nd STAGE: The assigned tutor goes through the subject proposal and accepts it, denies it or suggests a change. Next, the tutor sends the application back to the student so that they can finish the enrolment procedure.

At any stage of the enrolment procedure, students may check the status of their application:

  • Begun by student ➡ Press "Send to tutor" so that the application moves on the next stage
  • Sent to tutor ➡ Wait for the tutor to send the application back to you
  • Returned to student  ➡ You can now confirm and finalize enrolmentt procedure, students may check the status of their application:

When and the application reaches the 2nd stage (with the "Returned to student" status), the student will be asked to select a payment option for their enrolment.

Once enrolment is finished, students may print the enrolment form, complete the payment or download the receipt and access MónUB.

Once you have completed the registration and paid the corresponding fees in the period designated for this, you will receive a UB ID card and be granted access to the University's Virtual Campus and the UB's general student services.

Start courses registration

Note: Please read the following information carefully before finalising your registration process. 

Do the registration on-line

If you have to enrol background courses, you should do the registration twice (one form for the backgrounds and one for for the courses of the MA)

(In this case, the registration of the credits of the master requires the authorization of the coordinator)

If the registration needs to be done in person at the Secretaria, then the student must present: